Environment, Health and Safety

Environment, Health and Safety

Denox commitment is to comply with the following guiding principles, which highlights the most basic responsibilities and obligations:

1. Constantly improve the knowledge level of environment, health and safety, and focus on the production technologies, processes and product performance in the usage period, so as to avoid damage to people and the environment.

2. Effective uses of resources, pay attention to energy conservation and emissions reduction and reduce the loss to a minimum level.

3. Fully understand the social concerns of chemicals as well as our operation process, and respond to it.

4. Before making new plans for all the downstream, new products and processes, priority should be given to the factors relating to health, safety and environmental.

5. Timely reporting the health and environmental risks relating to: chemicals to officials, employees, customers and the public. Along with proposing propose effective measures.

6. Work together with cooperated partners to ensure the safe use of chemicals, transport and handling.

7. Adopt effectively safe ways to protect the environment, employees and the public health to run the factory and facilities.

8. Improve acknowledgement level of health, safety and environment by researching influence of products, processes and waste materials on health, safety and environment.

9. Work together with related parties to solve the remains of dangerous goods in the treatment and disposal problems.

10. Make relevant laws, regulations and standards with governments and other related departments to maintain the security of society, work place and environment, so as to meet or exceed the requirements of the above laws, regulations and standards.


Quality Management System:GB/T 24001-2016/ISO 14001:2015

Occupation Health Safety Management:GB/T 28001-2016/OHSAS 18001:2007

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